Bridlewood Restaurants: Savour Flavors of Local Dining

The Bridlewood Restaurant scene opens up a world of diverse culinary delights, offering everything from cherished local eats to a broad spectrum of international cuisine to satisfy any craving.


The British Chippy

The Hodgkinson family has been dishing out top-notch Fish & Chips since 1915. Starting in England and now bringing their tradition to Canada, they have a long history of culinary excellence. If you’re wondering what sets The British Chippy apart, take a moment to explore their story.

They love healthy eating and have given the old-school Fish & Chips a new touch. Now, they make it with organic potatoes, fish caught in the wild, and oil without any GMOs.


Phone: 403-256-1156

Address: 2335 162 Ave SW


LI-AO Sushi

This Bridlewood Restaurant has been serving Calgarians since 2011 and have a promise for their customers: to always offer tasty and fresh sushi that’s affordable. They create a friendly and welcoming place to eat that makes your day better. They’ve been here for you and will keep being here, just like always.


Phone: (403) 719-9668

Address: 2335 – 162 Ave SW, Calgary


Donair Grill

Established in 2003, Donair Grill has been dishing out authentic Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors. Shawarma, Donair, and Falafel aren’t just their specialties—they’re their signature dishes. They prepare their food with the finest ingredients and the freshest meats, seasoned and marinated to perfection, all topped with their unique signature sauces, ensuring every bite is a taste sensation.

They are a family-owned and operated business that cherishes family values, tradition, and healthy eating. This is evident in the genuinely warm welcome they extend to everyone who visits. They take great pride in their always fresh, healthy food, as well as in the incredible community of people who consider their place a kitchen away from home. They hold this trust close to their hearts and continuously strive to make everyone feel invited to come and “eat like you’re family.”


Phone: 4032545333

Address: 311 2335 162 Avenue SW, Calgary


Tom’s House of Pizza

Tom’s House of Pizza was established in June of 1963, with a commitment to crafting a distinct, delicious pizza experience. They opened their first location on Macleod Trail on June 7, 1963, when a determined young Tom Fowler fulfilled his dream of launching his own pizzeria in South Calgary.

Throughout the years, Tom steadfastly upheld his two fundamental principles: using only top-quality ingredients and treating customers and staff like part of the family. Taking over the business in 1988, John, who had worked for Tom back in the late ’60s, continued to honor these important traditions. The outcome is a beloved spot for families and pizza aficionados across Calgary.


Phone: 587‑315‑5254

Address: 17103 James McKevitt Road SW


The Bull & Finch 

The Bull and Finch is known for more than just being a great pub. This Bridlewood Restaurant really into helping the community and supporting charities. They want to make sure their customers have a nice, clean place to hang out, with good service and food that’s tasty and doesn’t cost too much. They’re all about making their food from scratch, and they keep their menu fresh with new dishes while still holding on to the old favourites everyone loves.

The Bull & Finch has been a part of the Bridlewood and Southland neighborhoods in Calgary for over 20 years. They’re proud of the service they give and the food they serve. They’ve become a key part of the Calgary community, focusing on being honest, serving good food, and making sure everyone has a good time in a chill place where locals can hang out any day of the week.


Phone: 403-873-8088

Address: 2335 162 AVE. SW


Organic Burg

The best burgers in Calgary, AB, Canada are at Organic Burg. They take great pride in their cooking and offer amazing burgers that are organic and halal-certified. You can pick from good old classics or try something new with their gourmet burgers. Their menu is perfect for anyone who loves a tasty, high-quality burger that’s also made responsibly. Come taste the best in Calgary or place an order for a burger today!

This restaurant is all about the farm-to-table idea. They work with nearby farms and suppliers to make sure they get the freshest ingredients. Imagine this: your burger is made with 100% chemical-free, non-GMO, organic, and Halal beef from a local ranch. It comes with fresh, seasonal veggies from local farmers, all tucked inside homemade Brioche and whole-grain buns. It’s a real flavour of the area.


Phone: (403) 254-4814

Address: 2335 162 Ave SW Unit # 307


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